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With Voice Atlas you will always be there with the answers.

Your have questions

With Voice Atlas you will always be there with the answers.

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What is Voice Atlas?

Voice Atlas™ is a conversational AI system that allows anyone to create, share, and interact with unique and specific knowledge sets utilizing natural language processing (NLP). Voice Atlas centralizes knowledge and allows you to use artificial intelligence (AI) safely and securely from a trusted, designated knowledge base. Unlike other conversational AI tools, Voice Atlas will not invent answers, use inappropriate language, and will not go outside of the specified knowledge base, providing users with a trustworthy AI-powered system.

How does Voice Atlas work?

Voice Atlas connects information from designated knowledge sources, sometimes across multiple locations and repositories, making it easier to find answers via a centralized conversational AI interface. The information is curated by the knowledge managers themselves, ensuring that information is only included from trusted and vetted sources. Voice Atlas is engineered to be polite, professional, helpful, and trustworthy, making it a trustworthy AI assistant for enterprise, government, and education users.

Is Voice Atlas getting its answers from the internet?

Voice Atlas generates responses exclusively from its designated knowledge base, not from the entire internet. Each knowledge base is unique and specific to the use case and an organization may have multiple knowledge bases for different purposes.

Does Voice Atlas send user inputs to train its large language model (LLM)?

No user inputs, knowledge base contents, nor other customer data is used to train any large language model (LLM). Voice Atlas has strict data privacy and security policies in place. All Atlas content is proprietary to the customer (knowledge owner) and is deleted from our system if an Atlas is deleted. No customer data is used for training or fine-tuning the underlying language models.

What AI models does Voice Atlas utilize on the backend?

Voice Atlas applies different techniques and strategies to filter toxic language, rank and generate an answer. This process involves several ML models including LLMs. Additionally, customers who have trained their own LLM have the option to include it in the AI backend for Voice Atlas for their specific use cases. Voice Atlas has done all of the engineering on the backend to ensure that no hallucinations, inappropriate content, or responses not contained in the designated knowledge base are returned to the user.

What are the Voice Atlas industry standards and ethical guidelines?

Navteca's Voice Atlas product is an ethical AI product that is engineered to ensure that no inappropriate, racist, fabricated, or hallucinated responses are returned to the user and responses are ONLY generated from the designated knowledge base. Navteca's Voice Atlas product adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, visit GDPR at Navteca